There's food for everyone

If we can be smart about getting it from where it's in surplus and taking it to where it's needed, no one has to be hungry.

A social supply chain

The world produces sufficient food for 10 Billion. Yet people across the planet can not get enough to eat. We are on a mission to activate a collaborative supply chain - one designed and engineered to meet the unique challenges of food insecurity.

A planetwide network

Food banks, food rescuers, meal programmes and other types of food support organizations - we are working to bring them all together. After all, we can't call this planet an advanced civilization until everyone is food secure, everywhere.

An alliance of geeks

We are not a charity. We believe hunger is a problem that can be solved with people, resources and collaboration. As nerds, we are building tech that will allow us to say good bye to hunger. And for good.

heading one Play store

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heading one App store

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